Should I cut it all?

Finally, after giving yourself all the “daughter you can make it! Your hair isn’t too hard/stubborn to go natural” pep talk, you’ve decided to do away with relaxers completely!


giphy (1).gif

Then comes the big question, “Now what? Do I cut off the perm? Is there another alternative?”. If you are a bold-daring-don’t-want-to-look-back type of person then yeah, you can cut of the perm. Chop it all off baby! But if -like me- the sight of your bald head cracks every mirror mirror on the wall, you might want to try transitioning.

So what is a BIG CHOP?

Basically, a big chop is that big bold step to cut off a huge chunk of your hair length (usually the relaxed ends). It could be done for several reasons including:

  • doing away with the  relaxed ends to grow out one’s natural hair
  • cutting off damaged hair strands (relaxed or natural) to focus on growing one’s hair healthier
  • chopping off almost all one’s hair for a refreshing new look

There are several more reasons but these are the most common ones I have encountered. 

Sometime past a lot of women were quite timid to wear their hair really short but now oh girl! There are so many twa (teeny-weeny afro) hairstyles out there that makes you want to throw all that expensive Brazillian hair in a Zoomlion bin! If you are considering big chopping yet you aren’t too sure how you’ll cope with the low cut, get some wigs made and switch them up as you please. No one sees your cut plus you get to slay! Win Win!

How about transitioning?

Now this is my zone. I set off on my natural hair journey with hopes of transitioning for at least 6 months but I run into a misfortune that made me big chop earlier than expected. Bummer. Transitioning is just growing out your natural hair texture to a length before cutting off the relaxed ends. This is a more gradual and somewhat safe way of going natural, especially if you aren’t too sure how manageable your hair texture will be. It sort of gives you time to think over your decision,plan, test products, research and reach a good length so you don’t feel bald-headed when you finally chop off the ends of your hair. Transitioning comes with it’s own difficulties arising from having to deal with two different hair textures: your manageable relaxed ends versus the kinky roots. 

No matter which path you decide to take, make sure you gather as much information as you can to help you better prepare for what lies ahead. Which choice did you/ will you make? Leave a comment below!


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