Relaxed vs Natural

I had an interesting conversation with a couple of friends recently about what we’re terming “the ‘fro take-over”. Forgive our stereotypical mindset, but we kept going on and on about how African-American women are wearing their natural hair with pride and how curly their ‘fros were, yada yada! …you get the picture. They were happy to learn that women back at home (Ghana) were picking up the habit as well in a bid to relate to their Roots.
I couldn’t help but reflect on the conversation afterwards. Question is, what is the better alternative? Relaxed or Natural? All over the internet Hair ‘gurus’ are throwing their opinions in our faces, making it much harder to make a decision.
What’s even more depressing is the back-lashing against Naturalists who turn to relaxers for reasons best known to themselves.
Focus People!
I’m not going to choose a side; i choose “HEALTHY”. Up until 3 years ago, Relaxers were my safe haven. I turned away from them for personal reasons (which i may share in another post). Woman, regardless of whether you’re a relaxed-straight-manageable haired beauty or a kinky-tangling-fistful of hair, what matters is the health of your strands. 

I have come across images of naturalists whose edges are practically fleeing to the back of their heads! Likewise I have had personal encounters with women whose relaxed hair strands were,,,*shudders* let’s just leave it at that, shall we. Point  is, whatever you choose to do to your hair, the primary focus must be to achieve overall health. You must be ready to give it the attention and TLC it requires. Your hair is , after-all, your crowning glory.

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